Spring Planting: Seven Things To Do Now

Spring Planting: Seven Things To Do Now

Get a head start with spring planting of annual flowers, vegetables and herbs:

  • Plan spring flower, vegetable and herb plantings in well-drained, reasonably fertile, uncompacted soil.
  • Purchase seeds.
  • Start seeds indoors of vegetables and herbs with slow germination and/or long seedling periods such as parsley and tomatoes. Monitor new seedlings.
  • Irrigate new garden beds, wait 10 to 21 days prior to planting to flush weed seeds, and remove or till in weed seedlings.
  • Inspect and repair raised beds, garden structures, fencing, hose bibs, and drip or other irrigation systems.
  • In new beds or compacted soils, double-dig or loosen soil with a spading fork and remove stones and obstructions.
  • Amend soils prior to planting by surface dressing and/or gently working in compost, organic matter, manures, and other amendments.

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