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Arugula Arugula
Eruca sativa, Diplotaxis tenuifolia, Eruca vesicaria, or Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa
Arugula is a cool-season green generally grown as an annual. It is famous for the spiciness of its leaves, and is one of the strongest-flavored garden greens. It...
Bean, Pole Bean Bean, Pole Bean
Phaseolus vulgaris
Pole beans are warm-season, tender annuals that are intolerant of both cold and heat. They belong to the legume family, Fabaceae, the third largest of all...
Beet, General Beet, General
Beta vulgaris
Botanically, beets are the same plant species as chard and Swiss chard. An easy to grow and highly nutritious member of the Chenopodiaceae family, beets are related...
Bunching Onions
Bunching Onions
Allium fistulosum
Bunching Onions (also known as green onions or Welsh onions) are cool-season perennials in the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis Family) that are also grown as annuals...
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Carrot, General Carrot, General
Daucus carota
Carrots are a biennial vegetable in the family Apiaceae, related to parsnips, parsley, and celery. The modern cultivated carrot is classified by root size and shape....
Cauliflower, General Cauliflower, General
Brassica oleracea
Cauliflower is a biennial in the Brassicaceae family, and the same species as kale, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, collard greens, and Brussels sprouts; all these...
Chard, General Chard, General
Beta vulgaris var. cicla
Chard is a relatively easy vegetable that offers abundant yields, and is one of the most consistently productive greens during warm weather. A potentially long-lived...
Corn, General Corn, General
Zea mays
The old garden saying, "Harvest corn after the cookpot is boiling," hints at the pleasures at eating corn from the home garden. Because sugars in corn kernels turn...
Cucumber, General Cucumber, General
Cucumis sativus
Cucumbers are tender, warm-season annuals in the Cucurbitaceae family, related to squash, pumpkins, melons, and gourds. How cool is "cool as a cucumber?" By...
Kale, General
Kale, General
Brassica oleracea var. acephala et al
Kale is a cool-season vegetable in the Brassica family (Brassicaceae), related to arugula, cabbage, cauliflower and mustard greens. Considered a biennial or perennial...
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Allium ampeloprasum var porrum
Leeks are cool-season biennials in the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis Family) that are grown as annuals in temperate climates. They are closely related to garlic, chives,...
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Lettuce, Looseleaf Lettuce, Looseleaf
Lactuca sativa
Looseleaf or loose leaf lettuce is the most common lettuce grown in California home gardens. Its name results from its loosely bunched leaves, as opposed to the...
Mache / Corn Salad, General Mache / Corn Salad, General
Valerianella spp.
"Mache" and "Corn Salad" refer to many species of weedy garden greens in the Valerianella genus. The name "Corn Salad" is attributed to the plant's history...
Onion, Bulb Onion Onion, Bulb Onion
Allium cepa
Bulb onions are cool-season biennials usually grown as annuals. They are closely related to garlic, scallions (also called evergreen bunching onions and green onions),...
Pea, Snap and Snow Pea, Snap and Snow
Pisum sativum
Snap peas (Pisum sativum var. macrocarpum) and snow peas (Pisum sativum var. saccharatum) are annual, cool-season legumes. Their taxonomic...
Pepper, Hot Pepper, Hot
Capsicum annum et al
Hot peppers are perennial plants in the Solanaceae family, which has 90 genera, and between 2,000-3000 species. Most of the plants in this family originate from...
Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Sweet
Capsicum annuum
Thought generally referred to as a vegetable, sweet pepper is a warm season fruit in the nightshade family Solanaceae and is related to tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes...
Solanum tuberosum L.
A perennial vegetable that is grown as an annual, the potato is a member of the Solanaceae family, which also includes tomato, pepper, eggplant, petunia and tobacco....
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Radish, General Radish, General
Raphanus sativus
Radishes are annual or biennial, cold-season cruciferous vegetables in the Brassica family (Brassicaceae), related to turnips, arugula, broccoli, and cabbage....
Spinach Spinach
Spinacia oleracea
Spinach is an annual cool-season vegetable in the Amaranthaceae family, related to beets, chard, quinoa, and tumbleweeds. Spinach has likely been eaten by...
Squash, Pumpkin Squash, Pumpkin
Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima, and Cucurbita moschata
How many vegetables or plants other than pumpkin can claim to be a mascot for 2 major holidays in the United States (Halloween and Thanksgiving), and also represent...
Squash, Summer Squash, Summer
Cucurbita pepo
Summer squashes are warm-season annuals, belonging to the Cucurbit family, and are related to cucumbers, melons, and winter squash. There are estimated to be around...
Squash, Summer Squash, Zucchini Squash, Summer Squash, Zucchini
Cucurbita pepo var. cylindrica
Zucchini is an annual, warm-season vegetable in the Cucurbitaceae family, and likely both the most popular summer squash variety in the United States and the most...
Squash, Winter Squash, General Squash, Winter Squash, General
Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima, and Cucurbita moschata
Despite the easily misunderstood name, winter squash are tender, warm-season annuals in the Cucurbitaceae family, related to cucumbers, melons, and gourds. While...
Tomato, General Tomato, General
Solanum lycopersicum
What more beautiful sight is there in the home vegetable garden than a large heirloom tomato coming into ripeness and full color, waiting to be harvested, ribbed...
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