Hot Weather Gardening Part 6: How to Cool Your Body and Your Gear

Hot Weather Gardening Part 6: How to Cool Your Body and Your Gear

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Hot Weather Gardening Part 6: More Tips to Cool Your Body and Your Gear

How can you cool your body and protect your cell phone or tablet while gardening during hot weather?

This is the 6th in a series of articles with my precautions, tips, advice, and ideas for gardening in Southern California’s high heat from midsummer through fall. See below for links to other articles in the series.

Hot weather and high temperatures can be dangerous. Basic safety precautions are important including sun protection, hydration, working mornings or evenings when temperatures are cooler, avoiding exertion and working for short periods only, and having indoor cooling environments available.

Home gardening is one of the safest and most-rewarding activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. For other helpful articles, see our blog page Dig In.

Prepare Yourself First

  • Safety first: sun protection, hydration, minimal or moderate exertion to the level that is comfortable, working outdoors mornings or evenings, and taking breaks in a cooler environment.
  • See Hot Weather Gardening Part 3: Tips and Gear to Beat the Heat for advice and recommended products for safety, insulating clothing, sun protection, hydration, and more.

Keep Your Phone or Tablet Safe

  • It’s easy to forget about your phone or tablet when you are gardening. Many smartphones have temperature sensors and a feature that automatically turns them off to prevent damage to the battery or circuitry when they become too hot. Make sure to protect your electronic devices by placing them in the shade whenever possible.
  • Consider using a thermal phone case  or tablet case if you bring your phone or tablet with you when outdoors during hot or cold weather.
  • For extra protection, keep electronics in a thermal case and inside a sealed, waterproof bag near an icepack or bottle full of ice See Hot Weather Gardening Part 3: Tips and Gear to Beat the Heat.

Keep Your Body Cool

  • Wet and drape a PVA towel over the back of your neck to cool body temperature.

  • Wear lightweight, wicking, or fast-drying shirts  to keep your body cool during high heat.
  • For those who want a mechanized solution, consider a portable misting fan.

  • Any airflow near water or through damp fabric will have a cooling effect in low or moderate air humidity. In a pinch, place a large bowl or bucket of ice in front of a fan to cool a small area by several degrees.
  • If you do get overheated, cool your body quickly by placing wet washcloths on your face, arms, and chest. And for those with the option, submerse yourself in water.

Too hot for dogs

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