Gifts for Gardeners: California Master Gardener Handbook

Gifts for Gardeners: California Master Gardener Handbook

California Master Gardener Handbook, 2nd Edition

Edited by Dennis R. Pittenger, 2015

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The California Master Gardener Handbook is a comprehensive, science-based reference book on horticulture and other related topics written for participants in the California Master Gardener program during and after completing their local training program, but it is also a valuable reference for the serious home gardener. This newly revised second edition is similar in structure to the first edition: the first portion focuses on general horticulture topics and most of the remaining portion covers care and issues related to individual crops. The chapter on water management has been revised and expanded from the first edition. I have always liked the chapter on home vegetable gardening and the problem diagnoses charts for individual vegetables and this second edition does not disappoint. On my wish list of chapters not included: growing California natives.

It is not an “idea” book and it is certainly not a “picture” book. Serious home gardeners willing to tackle this more advanced material will be highly rewarded.  Highly recommended.  Five carrots.

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