The Alphabet Soup of Tomato Disease Resistance

The Alphabet Soup of Tomato Disease Resistance

Tomato seeds and plants may be sold with a string of letters after their variety names. These are codes for disease resistance. Common letter codes include:

A Alternaria stem canker

F Fusarium wilt

FF Fusarium, races 1 and 2

FFF Fusarium, races 1,2 and 3

N Nematodes

T Tobacco mosaic virus

St Stemphylium gray leaf spot

V Verticillium wilt

For example, ‘Early Girl’ tomato labeled “FV” is resistant to “F,” Fusarium Wilt, and “V,” Verticillium Wilt. Fusarium and Verticilium are common fungal pathogens in California soils.

Resistance is not the same as immunity. Tomato varieties may still be affected or even succumb to the diseases they are bred to resist, particularly when highly stressed by environmental conditions.

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