Affiliate Policy

Like many websites, participates in affiliate advertising programs through which it earns fees by advertising and/or linking to designated sites. recommends many types of products, including but not limited to seeds, sets, starts, bulbs, plants, gardening tools and supplies, and books. Our policy is to carefully analyze and research the variety and quality of any such product recommended. Many to most of our recommended seed varieties have been personally grown by GardenZeus team members, staff, or associates. For other products, such as bare root roses, we have conducted extensive research and/or consulted with or employed local expert(s) to recommend the best varieties for a particular climate area in California. A GardenZeus team member, associate, or staff member has read any book recommended. We recommend only products that are tested personally by someone associated with GardenZeus or that have been recommended by a gardening professional whom we trust.

About seeds recommended at it is our policy to recommend open-pollinated, organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds whenever possible. In some cases, such as when disease resistance is highly desirable, we do recommend some hybrid seeds; it is our policy to note clearly when recommended seed varieties are hybrids. While it can be difficult to trace the origin of all seeds in the chain of distribution or sale, we do not knowingly recommend seeds that have been genetically modified.

We want to be completely open with our users about the fact that for some products we do receive fees for recommending and linking to designated sites. As of June 11, 2020, the sites for which we receive fees are:, and For other sites, we do not receive fees.

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